Spiral Wire Protector

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Are you cords getting damaged by furniture or traffic?  Are they all over the place?

Keep your cords together, out of the way and protected with our Spiral Wire Protector!  Simply gather the cords together and determine the length you will need and cut, apply the guide around the cords with the tool and you're done.  Now you can keep those cords protected and out of the way!

  • Three colors: Grey, black, or white
  • Each color comes in 6 ft (2m) lengths
  • Two diameters: 0.625 in and 0.4 in available
  • Secure wrap to keep cables together and protected
  • Organize your cables in your office, with your entertainment system, even lamp cords
  • Use on all your cords and cables


  • Lead time: this product will arrive in approximately 60 days.